Wednesday, December 9

Quality Footwear - Bananashoes

Yesterday i received a newsletter from a company called BananaShoes who for a while a few years ago sold quality hand made leather shoes from Leatherworks of London. For some inexplicable reason they decided to stop retailing their product but finally a new designer/manufacturer has appeared on the scene in the form of Fabulously Fetish and this is the company who are working with Bananshoes to both market and sell their exciting new product range.

The mailout i received was this

The prices on the Bananashoes site are almost the same as on the Fabulously fetish site but good to know that there's now a competitor to Leatherworks.

For more information on Fabulously fetish have a read of their about us tab as it makes interesting reading as you soon see the connection with Leatherworks in times gone by.

If you're concerned about quality, fear not as i bought a pair of stunning brown crock leather open toe sling backs with red soles and a 6" heel and was quite surprised at just how comfortable they are.  This is a pic of the actual shoes i bought. If you look closely you will see that they were originally made for the American market as the size shown is a US10 and as UK8 is the same size, well you get the picture.

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