Thursday, December 17

Paris in 4 Parts - Part One

For those of you who have been following my Fetish lifestyle for any length of time will be aware of my 3 greatest passions and as i sometimes fail in explaining everything in detail i thought i'd note them down for you so as not to forget.
1. Latex / Rubber - Call it what you may but this material is the kind of stuff i believe is one of mans' greatest fashion achievement and one of my passions.
2. Hand made high heel footwear - My favourites being made entirely of leather, with a single sole and a 6 or 7 inch stiletto heel.
3. Tight laced corsetry - Due to the length of my upper body i find it extremely difficult finding an over bust corset to fit me properly so until i come into stacks of cash i'm stuck with off the peg under-bust corsets and waist cinched corset belts, tighter the better but with a preference for 22 to 26 inch lacing depending on many factors.

Having just returned from Paris following an invitation from The Demonia Fetish shop to attend their yearly party extravaganza i thought that i would break the blog into 4 parts as every one of my passions was satisfied in just 3 days and 3 nights with the 4th being one of sleep and long journey home.

Although not a fetish as such whilst in Paris i along with Duiveltje and his Girlfriend Florence stumbled across an interesting underground Art Exhibition, some pics below.

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