Tuesday, December 1

Gummi Geluste - Exlusive Latex Play Party

Upon waking up last Saturday I wondered what I should do that evening, but as I hadn't pre arranged anything I wondered if it was conceivably possible to arrange something interesting to do within a short space of time.

Following a couple of sms's, a phone call and an email or two it was all arranged and within a couple of hours i was on my way to Eindhoven and a chinese meal with Katja Lynx and Badpakje before dressing and finally a road trip to Koln, Germany for the party we'd all put on our list of events to attend sooner rather than later.

The party in question is one of perhaps 2 or 3 (in Mainland Europe) that you would call a specialist Rubber party and the one which we went to is called Gummi Geluste.  The website is unfortunately in German but is very easy to translate by using a free translation tool like FreeTranslation.com

Just the words Gummi Gelueste evoke thoughts of rubber decadence and if anyone saw me drooling and licking my lips there was good reason.

Imagine if you will a party where everyone in attendance is wearing rubber and a fairly even mix of all genders and persuasions. If you're of a mind to dance at this party then this party may not be for you as activities taking place are geared toward an enjoyment of what is Rubber wear and the things we like to do dressed in our most precious of materials.

If you didn't know what you were looking for upon arriving in the area you would have missed it for the venue was tucked away at the back of a building and with a very small hand written sign over a door buzzer. Upon entering we were greeted by a really nice german guy called Marc P (the organizer and founder) and is proud of the fact that the party had with this event reached edition 30, a milestone and a testament to a nation of rubberists.

The entrance fee at EUR 45.00 was well spent as it included cloakroom, toilet, cold buffet and all drinks. The buffet itself wasn't a meagre affair either as i counted around 30 different snacks and of a very high standard too. Drinks on offer were plentiful and of great variety including wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks and coffee.

Although not a massive location it was very nicely adorned and decorated with all manner of BDSM equipment & furniture with many opportunities to play and do your thing. One thing i've come to almost expect from such parties is the plethora of lecherous wankers drooling over your intimate action and i was pleasantly surprised to see that if you wanted some privacy from such beings you could have it. At the same time there was also an area where you could create your own impromptu show on a stage within view of the bar area.

The party was set up for attendees to do as they wished with rooms for play, relaxation and other more intimate forms of rubber fun with a small but functional dark room. It was nice to experience a party without an agenda or timetable and where the only stimulants were visual, alcoholic or a direct association with what is a Rubber fetish.

I for one will definitely be heading back to Koln to experience this party in the future and would urge all rubberists to do the same.

The next party is scheduled for early February 2010. If you're going to go please make sure you make an early reservation.

Badpakje http://altparty.net/en/member/badpakje
Katja Lynx http://katja.yummytgirls.com/
Gummi Geluste http://www.gummi-gelueste.de/
Free Translation http://www.freetranslation.com/

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