Friday, December 18

Estress High Heels - Spain

Being a creature of habit i regularly stumble across items of interest that i feel important enough to tell you about. Yesterday whilst writing part one of my trip to Paris, France, not Texas or a small hamlet near Holmfirth in the UK i was drawn to an ebay shop promoting a little known Spanish Shoe designer. 

The shop in question is calleAntonio Camino-Omano High Heels and from what i can figure out Gary Lane is the chap who runs this ebay shop and is the English language retailer for Estres Modes, an Alicante (Spain) based footwear designer. 

The Estres Modes website whilst not very pretty or all that easy to navigate is nevertheless functional and is available in English, French and Spanish. 

What attracted me to this manufacturer are the kind of footwear he produces but i can't help wondering of the association between him and Expedicion Creativa in Mijas Costa (Spain) since some of the footwear pictures are almost identical but in the case of this shoe, exactly the same.

Having said that he does produce some very unique designs of footwear rarely seen elsewhere.
Don't take my word for it........check it out for yourself.

Also discovered here is a link to a Spanish Forum all about High Heels. As it's in Spanish i have no idea as to it's validity except to say that it links back to Estress Heels.

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