Saturday, December 26

Burlesque Blue - Boots - Almost made to measure

Search as i may for a suitable Christmas & New Year greeting i discovered this amazing fact about Burlesque Blue Boots.

Did you know that when you order a pair of boots from them they ask for your precise measurements plus your shoe size and you end up with your new boots fitting you as all quality footwear should.

My compliments to this company for this bold move as it's bound to fuel the shopping war between the other quality shoe and boot makers that still exist. Well, i can hope anyway.

Hope that all of my readers had a superb Christmas and that 2010 will be the year where all of your dreams come true.

As an after thought i thought i'd show a few of my favorite shoes obtainable from LA Piazza in Germany.

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Heels said...

So happy you also like Burlesque Blue for handmade heels. You have such a lovely collection.

Big hugs

Suzanne (Imelda - RIP)