Friday, November 13

Definitive Heel Guide - Part 1

"Because of my love of quality i probably already have the solution."

Don’t have and doubts that mountainous killer heels demand extra care and practice for walking in. Maximum impact and fashion effect is a certainty though, when wearing classically styled and; a particularly slender stiletto with ultra high heels.

Ankle boots can look more subtle and even stunning when worn with jeans; they really finish your foot detail beautifully and certainly make you walk tall. Go on try a pair, you’ll love them, but watch out for far too much attention.

When fully lined they even offer a completely stylish and high fashion alternative for autumn and even winter wear outdoors when the weather turns a bit chilly. A semi or long point toe is a classic design which looks distinctive and very stylish.

You can obtain soles in Red, Beige (my favorite) or black. A Red heel block can compliment say a Red skirt or jacket top. Being who I am, I naturally favour a latex ensemble.

I'm offering a service as part of my core business to find and obtain such footwear for you. 

Give me your specifications and depending upon how long it takes me to find your desire depends on my finders fee. 

Because of my love of quality i probably already have the solution.

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