Thursday, November 26

Buying ThighBOOTS

Has anyone ever noticed the plethora of websites around these selling the most gorgeous clothing, particularly the new mainstream fashion of Thighboots?

I just came across a site in the US under a subdomain so i'll annotate as Practical ThighBoots

The boots in question have a lovely block heel which would make it perfect for walking in and wearing daytime. Not quite genderless but very in keeping with Kate Beckinsales' look in the film Van Helsing.

Talking of which, did anyone see Dracula early hours Sunday morning on BBC3 i think. Pretty scary when you've just woken up.

Getting back to boots and why i posted the reference. Why is it that the retailers of these kind of sites do not give specific information so as to make it easier for people to decide if it's going to be a worthwhile purchase. I mean, we're all different and for $495.00 i'd like to know things like the length of the zip, the height of the boot and whether the free shipping applies Worldwide.


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