Monday, November 16

Boudoir Bizarre and Pain versus Pleasure.

Around a year ago whilst visiting the UK i was contacted by a Dutch TGirl called Daphne De Jong (click her name for her online presence) and shortly after returning back to Amsterdam we made a plan to meet up and have spent many a wonderful day enjoying one another's company. From time to time we like to go to parties together and as she's such a lovely person (pretty too) she's a joy to hang out with. 

Saturday 31st October was Halloween and with it a Fetish celebration of such magnitude that we just had to attend and give into our pervy desires and dance the night away at Boudoir Bizarre's Halloween bash. Boudoir Bizarre is also represented on Myspace.

If you've been reading my previous post you would have caught a glimpse of a comment referencing biting virgins and although i did spot some interesting morsels there were alas no virgins to be had & thankfully the Absinthe bar didn't run out of the green fairy juice until after the witching hour. Pics and a true representation of the party may be found from the link above. But here's an image of my offering for the evenings celebration.

The acts were plentiful and interesting but one or two were far too choreographed and almost similar. There was however one real life act that could not be choreographed as it deals with the issue of pain and hence an appearance from Dr Mad's Freakshow but as they don't make it easy to find their web presence you'll just have to take my word for it and see the picture below.

I would imagine that once the initial pain has gone the endorphins kick in and with it a natural high. Top of the bill was a show from The Blood Squad and although they're acquaintances of mine i think they could have done better.

One thing i've noticed from attending more than my fair share of fetish parties is that no two parties are the same. Over the years a great many parties have come and gone, unfortunately we're now left with those that merely exist to make money. For quite some time Europerve was synonymous with Amsterdam and although Boudoir Bizarre is a relatively small offering i think it only a matter of time before people will find that association once more.  

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