Wednesday, November 4

Obscene - Final report & pics

With the lovely Raymondo.

Last weekend i attended the Obscene Fetish party here in Amsterdam. The original location was meant to have been on board a former ocean going trawler called The Stubnitz but the event had to be moved to a different location and probably one of the reasons why it was so poorly attended by the Fetish purists.

As i had a free evening i graced their audience with my attendance and had a lovely time with friends old and new.

For the evening i styled my hair a little differently and put a parting above my left eye. Not sure how it will look but i had my photo taken many times so will look forward to posting these when i get my sticky paws on them.

For my outfit i chose my front zipped Red Daxine catsuit, underbust black leather corset, black knee high docs and thin black latex wrist gloves.

The feelings and sensations of wearing this outfit in the warmth of a party environment are in my opinion the best (after good sex of course) a girl can get.

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