Tuesday, October 27

German Rubber Scene

Yesterday whilst editing my blog concept i came across a german social networking group of great interest to me and my love of latex. Whilst i wouldn't normally give the time of day to anything in a foreign language (apart from Dutch) i decided to go ahead and join their network

The network in question is called LATEXZENTRALE. Follow the link and you'll see why. I have to admit that although the place is infested by a number of wannabe's it does seem as though the majority of the German scene are using this site.

Ok so it's in German and we all know that there are 3 nationalities (English, Germans & French) who are not as adaptable to speaking in a foreign tongue as say the people of Holland who on the whole speak an average of at least 2 languages, English being one of them. I can recommend a number of language translation sites that offer free translations but the one i use in the main is called SYSTRANET.

Many people often ask me what it is i am looking for through joining such a community. The answer is simply one of networking and getting myself known with my plan of making my Lifestyle pay for itself through all kinds of media.

When i left school (a few years ago) i fulfilled one of my passions by entering the Aviation Industry and last year i decided to give all of that up in favour of pursuing what is now my number one interest and am making positive headway into fulfilling my desire of being who i really am. Naturally these things take time but i hope to be able to encourage a few more like minded individuals to join me on my quest for what for the vast majority is but a dream.

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