Friday, October 23


Anyone trying to access my flickr page will have realised that i'm no longer active on this site. It was good whilst it lasted but thanks to the ineptitude of Flickr my hard work there has gone down the drain.
I have therefore decided that i will keep a small presence there (Link above) so fans can find me on portals less prohibiting so remember to bookmark my Blog, the link of which is below.


stephvog said...

Hey Lady Anamorphic,

i watch to your new flickr accout, but the new function in your blog is much better. Picasa is a good choise.
Thanks for being in the net. Every time nice to read from you.
A great fan.

Lady Ana said...

Thanks Stephvog
Hope you enjoy the changes i'm making, there's more to come.
Lady Ana

Anonymous said...

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