Friday, October 16

BLOGS I follow

Whilst i'm in a writing mood i thought you'd be interested in a couple of Blogs which i follow.

The first as a wonderful friend who lives in Australia called Imelda who's passions are similar to mine but with the exception of Latex. Ballet Heels

The second is a friend from the UK who is also passionate about boots.

Oh and if you're going to subscribe to my channel or any of the above it would be great if you'd do this via the google friends tab shown on the initial page. As i only just set mine up i've no idea who the current subscribers are.

Yesterday i had a wonderful session at The Black Tulip hotel here in Amsterdam with a guy from Spain. Of course we filmed it and no i'm won't be doing a preview just yet, instead you may imagine what happened when i took my time and fisted him. The funniest scene was was when i turned round to the camera and said "That's 8 fingers".

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