Thursday, October 29

The ART Project Amsterdam

As i'm heavily involved in this project i thought everyone would like to have a read about it as by the time you come and visit Amsterdam we'll probably be up and running.

ART Project Info

The aim of The ART Project is to support would be Artists, DJ’s, Performers, VJ’s and crew of the End Of The World (24/7) party concept, due for final realization by May 2010.

The promoter and owner of this cutting edge concept is Opus6Productions and is working alongside the ART Project to encourage established and would be Artists of all genres to come together in a friendly proactive environment. As well as being a stepping stone to stardom through the End Of The World party, the ART Project is also an opportunity to meet fellow artists, find support with one another and to brainstorm ideas.

The Art Project and Opus6Productions believe that information should be FREE for all, however they realize that an Artist must also be able to live and to support themselves and therefore are in a position to be able to offer assistance to this end should they not already have something in place.

Did you go to a party and thought to yourself I could do better?
Does the world see you as an outcast or a (social) misfit and you find yourself stuck with nowhere to go?
Are you a Lifestyle fetishist or perhaps looking to practice your hobby no matter how weird or wacky it is?
Do you have a fantasy that you would like to play out but do not know where to do it?
Perhaps you’re Gay or Lesbian. Maybe you’re a Cross Dresser, Transvestite or Transsexual. You could indeed be a Goth or an emo.
Have you ever wanted to get more exposure as an Actor, Performer, Musician, Dancer, DJ or VJ?
Maybe you’ve never performed anywhere but have always wanted to but have never found an opportunity.
If you see yourself in any of the above The ART Project would love to hear from you.

Artists of all media will have the opportunity to display their work on the walls of the venues as well as media broadcasting across the World Wide Web and on a specified FREE Website.

Email Art Project at

The ART Project

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