Monday, March 23

High Heel Social Event - Amsterdam

Last Saturday night a whole gang of met at my place for drinks and chit chat before heading over to the Occii (squat dance club) literally a 20 second walk from door to door. The party was and event called Spellbound and is advertised as a Queer underground dance party.

Had a brilliant time dancing with lots and i do mean lots of guys, had my ass pinched several times but the rest is X-Rated so best if i leave it there apart from saying that it was great to see Maurice & Alan, over from Cork in Eire. Even better was when they said the party was the highlight of their weekend. Quite a compliment considering they came over for 2 concerts; Emilie Autumn & Combichrist. Amanda their hostess was resplendent in Gothic black and looking every inch the model she should be. Angie came with us and had a fun teasing all genders including one pretty girl who caught her eye. Go girl!!!!

Looking ahead to later this year, probably September or October i am considering holding a party at Fetish Cafe here in Amsterdam where the theme will be high heels.

Admittance to the event will be open to everyone who adores wearing or even looking at Girls, Boys & TGirls wearing high heels. It'll be an opportunity for us all to be seen together and for the participants to wear their highest heels in a public environment.

For the moment it's simply an idea that i'd like some feedback on.


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