Sunday, March 8

Fetish Sins

Part 3 of my birthday celebration took place at the Fetish Sins party. Yes, it's a Fetish party but the great thing about this event is that the organizer (Nico) has somehow managed to create a truly unique party catering for all manner of pervy beings. It's a mix of Goth meets mainstream with 2 dance floors(Gothic/Industrial & Trance), play area, chill out zones, stage area and a smoking room.

For me the party starts when i'm getting ready and deciding what i'm going to wear. By the time i reach a venue i'm always in a positive party mood but then comes the door search. Previous visits to the (The Lexxion) have destroyed my good mood. Not so this time as they finally got the message that we're adults and we do not want to be treated like we've got something to hide. Hurrah Lexxion you finally got it right, no body or bag search, in fact there was only one security guard at the door doing what a security guard should be doing and that is nothing. Unfortunately for the lexxion it's a little too late as the next party is going to be held at a much nicer (gezellig, dutch for cosy) venue in central Zaandam.

The location of the lexxion makes it very difficult to get to without a car, but fortunately for me my new friend Chantal Vipassana decided to give Fetish Sins a try and after a nice relaxing dinner together (cooked Fish again) at my place we got so caught up in conversation that we almost forgot about the party and didn't arrive until just gone midnight. We needn't have worried though as everyone else must have had a similar experience as we all arrived together and i had that feeling of one step forwards and 2 steps back as i worked my through the crowd of friends and admirers many resplendent in all manner of costume and for once not too much nakedness. I so love to see guys making an effort and i wasn't disappointed. Naturally us girls always go that extra mile but don't let me cloud your judgement and go have a look at the party pics here.

It was a pity that Yggy & Gudrun couldn't make the party as i distinctly remember a previous fetish sins where i was doing my dirty dancing routine for Yggy and we both got caught up in the music and the aroma of latex. Out of the corner of my eye i could see Gudrun smiling at seeing her man on an unexplainable cloud of happiness which made me really happy to know that i caused this sensation.

I somehow knew that this was going to be the best party for quite sometime when i spotted someone who shouldn't have even been in this country. In fact Angie should have been elsewhere but due to something out of her control she came back to Amsterdam 3 months earlier than planned. Really great seeing her again and now were spending some quality time together.

For some odd reason i always have a habit of missing all the stage shows and this edition was no exception as who should appear but my new friend Femke and her ex boyfriend Mark. There's quite an age difference between the 2 of them but they're both lovely people and Femke is going to make a dress for me. Hope that it's ready in time for the Wave Gothic Treffen at the end of May.

Parties for me are all about meeting friends (both old and new), chatting and dancing. I don't know why i love dancing so much but i treat it as a form of expression from within and i can understand how someone with a disability like blindness or being deaf (strange but true) can get lost in the vibe where time becomes inconsequential. Of course not every party makes me feel this way but at Fetish Sins it somehow always comes true and for once i missed my planned ride home. All was not lost as Mark and Femke came to my rescue and we spent a very sublime sunday together.

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