Sunday, March 8


My friends have been asking me why is it that i never celebrate my birthday and i always replied that i was too busy doing other things and so this year i decided to celebrate and i'm really happy that i did. The best part wasn't the presents, sure they were all lovely but the one thing that made it very special was having my friends around me and just having a really great vibe.

Two days after my actual birthday i had a small get together at my house with drinks and snacks. I even made sushi and thought no one will like this so i only made 20 Tuna rolls. How wrong i was as everyone loved it. The party came to a close around 11pm and a bunch of us jumped on our bikes and cycled through the Vondelpark to The Korsakoff and round 2 of my birthday celebration. Pim aka Run_Paint_Run was DJ'ing in the upstairs bar at a party called Out Of Control. Yet more friends came and we danced, drank copious amounts of liquid and chatted until the small hours. By 3am my bed was calling and i headed home.

Whilst there are some things about Amsterdam which are not good there are a great many that make it truly unique and special, for example it's relatively safe and a lone girl on a bike feels safe cycling home. In other countries i've always felt like i towered over everyone, not so here as many guys are much taller than me. There are even quite a lot of girls who are my height. One such person is a very attractive personable 21 year old girl called Loeke. Maybe there's a photo of us together somewhere.

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