Wednesday, February 25

On being Positive

Can anyone figure out what is meant by Hope all your dreams come true when referring to Happy birthday and hope all your dreams come true?
It's a bit like the non sensical greeting to how are you today? Not so bad!!
What the F**K does that mean? Isn't it about time we should all be a little more positive and respond by saying GREAT THANKS!!!
Even if you feel crap, as those 2 words will kick start your day on a positive note.

Yesterday was indeed my birthday and some of my dreams did not come true. But last weekend i think my positive vibes helped us all enjoy ourselves at THE GHOST SHIP party (Friday 20th Feb) where 17 DJ's played some awesome sets in 3 rooms on board the good ship MS Stubnitz.
If you're in Amsterdam on 12th March you may wish to pay another visit to The Stubnitz for The League of Extraordinary DJ's. You can see the listing for this and more such Goth parties on The Kagan Kalender

On Saturday Sasha & i, along with Loeke & Daphne decided to go to a Party at the Akhnaton here in Amsterdam called STRANGE. I could have sworn i said i would never go to this party again as the cost of 10Euros was a little steep for what it was. The music was all over the place with almost zero continuity and therefore little opportunity of expression. If you like an older crowd of 30 plus and no dress code then you'd love this party. Be warned though, at 4Euro's a shot of vodka it becomes an expensive night.

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Still wishing you the best years to come!

Blessed Bees