Wednesday, January 21

GUEST DOMME - Vienna, Austria

Way back in October of 2008 i was contacted by Studio Sanders in Vienna, Austria about appearing as a guest Domme at Studio Sanders in Vienna. When they realised that i do not speak German the contact stopped. Then in December of 2008 a gentleman from the said establishment made contact in English almost pleading for me to agree to going down there on a certain date in February.

Once we ironed out the issues re Travel & Accommodation he was all set to produce a set card for me and promptly changed my name to that of my middle name Annabel. When i asked why he was doing this he told me that he had to maintain exclusivity to his Studio.

Just in case anyone happens to navigate to the site in question i wish to make it absolutely clear that Mistress Annabel and Mistress Erika are one and the same and that i have given him permission to change my name for the sake of his business in Vienna.

You may see the site here and if you're going to be in Vienna 10 to 13 Feb be sure to book very soon as i cannot guarantee i'll be able to see you.

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henk said...

Cool. I wish you all the best in Vienna. see yah. xxx Henk