Thursday, September 11


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04Sep - Took the boat train to London as it was cheap and i had time to kill and a very pleasant experience when i eventually got to the hook of holland. Shit, Dutch trains are sometimes crap & today was no exception. Kept taking the wrong train and 5 connections later made it with 10 mins to go.

05Sep - Weird feeling arriving at Harwich seeing the boat has docked and we can't officially get off for another 2 hours. Journeyed to London on the commuter train. How on earth do these people manage to commute to work 2 hours there and 2 hours back?
Met up with Dee and trawled around all the shops in London town, when i say shops i mean the interesting ones like Breathless, 5 others & Radical rubber - purchased 5metres each of purple & trans smoky black. Thinking all the wonderful things i'm going to make. Back to Dee's for coffee and she showed me her collection of latex which was heavenly. 2 hours later (that's quick by my standards) and i was off to the hotel to meet up with friends.

Back to the Ibis and to my room mate Ali who i've not seen for ages. Still as pretty as ever. Had a quick bite to eat. Changed and left for the TG party via the bar to meet up with Run Paint Run & Cat (acronyms used to protect the innocent) who had driven over from Amsterdam bringing paintings to exhibit at the Rubber Ball. Met up with a TG from OZ who was sharing a ride with us. Lovely girl and looked good enough to eat dressed in figure hugging latex and high heels. Finally got a taxi and routed via another hotel to collect Miss Britne and finally made it to TG as the party was getting into full swing.
Brilliant to meet up with Dee again, this time dressed and acting the tart she loves to be. Thanks Dee for letting me borrow your Rubber Cat, nicely balanced with a nice sting on some girls buttocks. I'm sure she had a spillage. Greetings to Slutty, Emma (aka VelvetClaw) and last but not least Mike of Hidden Passion. Thanx guys for making me feel so welcome. I will be back to TG when i've some spare cash.
06Sep - After a leisurely breakfast, (read as Lunch) headed off to the LAM (London Alternative Market) and had a nice time with old & new friends. My only gripe was the distinct lack of Rubber/Latex clothing on sale and so headed back to the hotel for a leisurely period of getting ready to go to the ball. I wore my new creation, as seen in a few photo sessions i did a few months back. As for the Rubber Ball, well i'll sum it up in a few choice words - Could have been (much) better and will only go again if i'm invited.
OK so everyone in our party looked great, met up with some old friends from Denmark - Kenneth of Strange Life Forms & Miss Fuzzy Bunny. Also a very cute blond Norwegian (i think) boy of about 18 who for some reason wanted to hang out with me which was heavenly. We'll keep that one a secret i think.

On display in the room with tables and chairs was a superb exhibition of oil paintings by my good friend Run Paint Run. You'll be seeing a lot more of his work soon as this guy has such an amazing talent. His paintings are already selling for over 2000 euros so my advice to anyone with a keen interest in quality fetish art is to get an original as soon as you can.

07Sep - Can't believe it's all over and my purse is GBP400 lighter than it was only 4 days ago. Damned expensive place London town. I'll be back though as it was great seeing old friends again and of course meeting the new.

Wednesday, September 10

Party Logic - Club Midnight

You know how you sometimes wish that you could share situations with people but you’re not sure how they’ll react, well that’s my point re sharing a party experience. We all gain so much from one experience that others do not. Take for example the time not so very long ago when I couldn’t find a single person (with transport) who wanted to visit perhaps the nicest party I know. They all came up with one excuse after the other, when a simple I’ve got nothing to wear would have sufficed. But then again I’m sure I could have rectified that little conundrum with a little of this and a little of that.

Sorry, but I’m waffling and so I’ll get to my point. Come 9pm when it was time to start getting ready to go out my immediate thoughts were of what should I wear. Had I been getting a ride I would have opted for something tight, shiny and sexy. As it was I had to first of all cycle through the park to Central Station to get a bus to Zaandam and so my outfit had to be in keeping with what would feel comfortable and on a bike. I opted for a black strappy top with tie fronted goth stretch cardigan type top. My skirt was pretty short with buckles and chains, tights looked rather scary as I wore some weird mish mash strings over fishnets. Sounds weird i know but felt so wonderful and scary. The piece de la resistance was my knee high army boots and woe betide anyone who came near me as I hurtled through the Vondelpark listening in rapturous delight to tunes such as Tales from the third world, Ladykiller by Hocico to This Shit will Fuck You Up by Combichrist. Fortunately I’d already drunk a little of the green fairy (Absinthe) before leaving, so although no one was with me per say, the little elfic was gliding with me as I floated on my two wheeled flying carpet to the rendezvous point and the second part of the journey to connect with Alex & Sasha (Sasha De Monaco) waiting ever so patiently by the connexion bus to our final destination.

What a buzz and a thrill it is to be free to journey your own way and to your own time schedule without the hassles of another person or persons in tow dictating the time of departure. Definitely something i'll do again but next time i need a ride so i can wear figure hugging latex & high heels.

The bus trip could have been like a journey into the darkside as half way through the journey the bus police were called and 3 people were turfed off the bus for rowdy & smelly (they let of stink bombs) behavior. It wasn't us, we were good Goth kids and Sasha said it's never normally like this. Rest of the journey was uneventful, thank god!!!

The party Club Midnight is held approximately 4 times a year at De Kade in Zaandam quite close to Amsterdam. In fact if you're interested in interesting parties such as Near Dark, Obscene Fetish Party & other Goth Parties i recommend you bookmark De Kade.

The party started off fairly slowly as people came in and wandered around checking out all the rooms; a main room with dance floor and bar where the usual voyeurs stood and slowly undressed the girls and boys they fancied before moving on to the next room. Being a chill out area it was suitably furnished with comfortable sofa's, absinthe bar and small bar. Upstairs a small dungeon was set up as a play area and although i love performing medical examinations with submissives in need of internal inspections i refuse to do this with an audience, much preferring to do this at my leisure in a quality dungeon. As the smoking ban (introduced in July) was enforced a smoking room was set up for the loyal crowd.

At around 1am the party was in full swing with 2 of my favorite local DJ's spinning some awesome Industrial & Electro tracks. DJ G Host & DJ Annakonda we love you guys and may your turntable spin into eternity. But alas all good things must take their natural course and close it's doors, until the next time.

If you want a party that hits the proverbial nerve endings that creates an immense rush from cool music whilst dressed in your favorite mix of Goth & Fetish clothing & sends you home on a high that lasts until the middle of the following week you can do no better than penciling 6th December 2008 in your diary and getting your proverbial over to Zaandam for the 3rd instalment of Club Midnight.

See you there party people!!!

Tuesday, September 2

Hair today - gone tomorrow

Yesterday i had my first laser treatment to remove the hair growth on my face. OMG, such pain like i've never had before and my face is still tender. Good job i'm on vacation until 26th September.

4 to 8 Sep - London visiting my good friend Dee. She's a chick who's just like me in so much as we're both addicted to Rubber. Then its Torture Garden on the 5th & the Skin Two Rubber Ball the day after. Not been for a few years but i'm actually looking forward to it. Hope i'm not disappointed.

10 to 15 Sep - Walking in the French Alps around the Mont Blanc area. Looking forward to some much needed fresh air and catching up with some good friends.

17 to 20 Sep - Visiting my good friend Kelly La Rock and hope i get to ride her wonderful clit. OMG i'm wet just thinking about it........

Monday, September 1

Out with the OLD & in with the NEW

Life throws many a challenge at us, some good, some bad and in the case of August something quite radical.

At the beginning of August my employer (yes i do have a full time job) informed me that there would be no more work for me as my job function was no longer required and i am to be replaced by a less expensive worker. Shock, anger, dismay, depression; over the past 4 weeks i have felt them all and have dealt with all of them in all the ways you would imagine. I got drunk, fell over and wrote everywhere for work but alas very few takers, yet. Maybe i'll have a year out and do something completely different, but more on that another time.

People often say, "Hey, you live in Amsterdam don't you? It must be a really cool place to live and you can be yourself etc etc etc"
Indeed, Amsterdam is a wonderful place full of lots of happening things unfortunately though, it's not the place it once was. Anyone who knows me knows that i like the alternative scene and so it should be of no surprise to learn that the best parties aren't in Amsterdam but in a small town not far away called Zaandam. Where the **** is Zandaam i hear you ask. Well it's a pain in the bum to get to for a start but that's the place where most of the Goth and Fetish parties are held these days and that's where a gang of us met the evening of 2nd August for The Near Dark party at De Kade and well worth the laborious trip if only to meet up with old friends and dance to some rocking tunes.

As the smoking ban came into being at the beginning of July i've started drinking the kind of drinks that linger in your mouth, you don't want to have a smoke when you've tasted something thick and creamy do you. Well there should be no exception when drinking Baileys, with ice of course. What did you think i meant !

Me with my Man.

On the 8th Bas (my lover) and i headed to the Showboat in guess which town? Answers on a postcard to the usual address. 1st prize gets to clean my boots with me in them. It was Giel (Renee's partner), Nico (Boudoir & Club Midnight) & Jeanette's (A lovely Dom lady) birthday party. They said it was a sell out as the place was packed with a nice mix of hard core party people, fetishists, Rubberists, BDSM folk and of course yours truly plus one or 2 others. It was a lovely night and i especially enjoyed the attention i was getting from my new chest. But that's another story........

01Dec 2010
Should have edited this 18 months ago. Bas is a nice man but sadly not the match i was hoping for. If anyone wants a caring genuine rubberist who loves life and individuality then Bas is your man.