Thursday, February 28

Birthday Weekend

Last Sunday was my Birthday and i reached the ripe young age of.... hahahahaha as if i'm going to admit to it. You're as young as you feel and for the last year i feel early 30's so lets just keep it at that.

4 weeks ago someone came into my life (i'm calling him sexy bum) and we've seen each other every weekend since then. We've partied, been clubbing and erm well we got messy too. Splish splosh but that's between us two. Let's just say he brings out the best in me. Look into my eyes and you'll see wicked thoughts.

We decided to celebrate early and the four of us (me, sexy bum, Pim & Kris) headed for Westszaan just outside Amsterdam for the first Boudoir Bizarre at the Lexxion venue. Was amazed at the place, a true party venue with huge car park. Couldn't believe that we had to pay to park the car too. Then there was the security & was rather hoping they'd get the rubber gloves out for an internal, as they seemed to be checking almost everywhere else for all plethora of things that this country deem non essential for a good night out. Fortunately i was wearing my addiction, in the form of my new shiny purple latex catsuit. It clung to every crevice and contour of my body just like the second skin i love so much.

My previous visit to Boudoir ended rather dramatically when i tripped and fell, bruised my ribs and broke my wrist so this time i wasn't taking any chances and wore low heeled knee boots and when in the venue added the high cut Rubber corset everyone has seen so many times. Reminds me i must get Daxine to make me a new one. I know my bum isn't as big as it should be so i added a short black circle skirt under the corset to give the impression i had hips. Finished it all off with shoulder length gloves and we were set to party to the wee small hours. For those that are interested, sexy bum wore a catsuit that belonged to a former boyfriend who left it my place when he unceremoniously dumped me in favour of a man.

We searched the venue high and low for the elusive dungeon but was not to be found. Odd, a fetish party without a dungeon. Couldn't spank sex bum as much as i wanted. The champagne went to my head a bit. Danced a little, flirted, teased and caught up with friends old and new. Annaconda, Alan, Sasha de Monaco, Amarantha, Renee they were all there. If i missed anyone i'm sorry.

Judy (Judy4fun) looked as stunning as ever and i told her so. She's such a good friend and someone who listens to all my challenges and generally comes up with a possible solution. I'm going to make her a pink latex dress when she tells me what shade & style she wants.

After spending most of my actual birthday relaxing and chilling out at home with you know who i decided on some me time for few hours before Judy picked me up for a sojourn into the city. Pim was DJing at Mono bar so we headed there for a while for a chat and some amber nectar or three. Great to see Richard again. Then it was off to The Lelebell for a quicky; drink i mean. Followed by a the last hour at The Korsakoff. Judy had said she wanted an early night and after being chatted up by a couple of Chefs we decided enough was enough and we wend our wicked way to our respective beds.

The moral of this story is to remember to have fun and always be nice.

Friday, February 15


This year i'm looking into the possibility of renting a secluded cottage/villa somewhere warmish where a bunch of us Rubberists can meet, socialise, play and film some of our antics. Before i go ahead and book i'd be keen to hear from anyone who is interested in coming along.
Note that this only applies to people with their own rubber wardrobes.

I am also considering taking a trip to the USA later in the year with a view to doing some fetish shoots there. I'm keen on hearing from anyone who maybe interested in helping me out.
I've heard that Arizona is probably the best place to head for in October.


Thursday, February 7

Last Supper PhotoShoot 2006

I realise that this is probably old news to some but i just found an interesting website showing the making of a photoshoot i took part in back in the winter of 2006.
The shoot was entitled The Last Supper and here's the link to the site.

Would love to know if anyone has seen it exhibited anywhere.

Tuesday, February 5


As my site is going through a major overhaul and a relaunch next month, March 2008 i thought it high time i got you all used to where you could find out my future AGENDA plans. It'll be on my Blog and entitled as you see it.

So here goes the 2008 party & event plans.
I've listed some other parties that i may go to but to avoid disappointment if i'm not there i've put PROV next to it.

16 - BITCH Party, Zaandam not far from Amsterdam. Genre - Fetish

20 - TandT Night, Amsterdam. Genre - TV/TS

23 - Boudoir Bizarre, West-zaan not far from Amsterdam. Genre - Fetish

01 - Gummi Geluste, Germany. Genre - Latex Play Party = PROV

22 - Concert at P60. Hocico & Unterart, Amstelveen. Genre - Industrial music concert

24 - Fetish Evolution, Essen, Germany. Genre - Fetish = PROV

12 - Wasteland, Amsterdam. Genre - Fetish

08 to 13 - Wave Gothic Treffen, Leipzig, Germany. Genre - Gothic Festival

20 - Concert at Melkweg, Einsturzende Neubauten, Amsterdam. Genre - Industrial music concert

19 & 20 - Amphi Festival, Koln, Germany. Genre - Gothic Festival = PROV

19 to 27 - Rubber Camp, Denmark. Genre - Rubber Holiday = PROV
I'm not even sure if it's on this year but if it is i will try and make it for a few days.






If you have an event you think i would be interested in attending then please write to me and let me know.