Tuesday, November 4

Voyeurs Delight and other Ramblings

A few months ago it was my pleasure to meet my current UK Slave, a very subservient being whose training and education i am enjoying very much. As a reward for his recent hard work in me allowing him to be my slave i allowed him the honour of filming me taking a walk in the countryside dressed as you would expect to find me. 

Shortly after a Voyeurs Delight was posted on You Tube and my popularity grew and for some odd reason they decided to pull my first video "Latex Tease". I'm not annoyed at You Tube for this, in fact it's quite a compliment as over 74,000 views told me that i was doing something right with regards to Adult Entertainment.

I'm sure it will not be long before "Purple Moments" is pulled too and with it me being banned from You Tube or do they give 2nd warnings? 

I'd love to be able to tell you when i'll post the next video but as we've not shot it yet i cannot but i would like to offer myself to any film makers out there, whether Amateur or Professional to come forward with any ideas, locations and content. I'm fairly free to travel within Mainland Europe and the UK and hope that you'll get in touch soon.

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Anonymous said...

God I wish I had been there, taking a pee perhaps....