Tuesday, October 28


27th October 
Today i went for my 2nd laser treatment on my face and was expecting pain and lots of it. I said to the therapist 
"Can you start here (on my upper lip) and work from there" Thinking that i'd get the worst pain out of the way first.
"No" she said "I have to start here" Meaning by my ear. 
I was very surprised that there was a lot less pain & discomfort this time around. After the treatment she informed me that she used a higher setting this time around, but a good job i wasn't made aware of it beforehand. 

28th October 
8 years ago i had my left ear pierced whilst on vacation in New Zealand but had to take it out following career hassles. The weather today is really cold with a horrible wind but that didn't stop me jumping on my bike and pedaling to Dare 2 Wear at the other side of the city to have my ears pierced. Ok, so it cost 10 times more than going to a jewelry shop but the professionalism of the piercer and her great attitude made it money well spent. 
Besides, she was really interested in my website. 

So what's next i hear you ask? 

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