Monday, September 1

Out with the OLD & in with the NEW

Life throws many a challenge at us, some good, some bad and in the case of August something quite radical.

At the beginning of August my employer (yes i do have a full time job) informed me that there would be no more work for me as my job function was no longer required and i am to be replaced by a less expensive worker. Shock, anger, dismay, depression; over the past 4 weeks i have felt them all and have dealt with all of them in all the ways you would imagine. I got drunk, fell over and wrote everywhere for work but alas very few takers, yet. Maybe i'll have a year out and do something completely different, but more on that another time.

People often say, "Hey, you live in Amsterdam don't you? It must be a really cool place to live and you can be yourself etc etc etc"
Indeed, Amsterdam is a wonderful place full of lots of happening things unfortunately though, it's not the place it once was. Anyone who knows me knows that i like the alternative scene and so it should be of no surprise to learn that the best parties aren't in Amsterdam but in a small town not far away called Zaandam. Where the **** is Zandaam i hear you ask. Well it's a pain in the bum to get to for a start but that's the place where most of the Goth and Fetish parties are held these days and that's where a gang of us met the evening of 2nd August for The Near Dark party at De Kade and well worth the laborious trip if only to meet up with old friends and dance to some rocking tunes.

As the smoking ban came into being at the beginning of July i've started drinking the kind of drinks that linger in your mouth, you don't want to have a smoke when you've tasted something thick and creamy do you. Well there should be no exception when drinking Baileys, with ice of course. What did you think i meant !

Me with my Man.

On the 8th Bas (my lover) and i headed to the Showboat in guess which town? Answers on a postcard to the usual address. 1st prize gets to clean my boots with me in them. It was Giel (Renee's partner), Nico (Boudoir & Club Midnight) & Jeanette's (A lovely Dom lady) birthday party. They said it was a sell out as the place was packed with a nice mix of hard core party people, fetishists, Rubberists, BDSM folk and of course yours truly plus one or 2 others. It was a lovely night and i especially enjoyed the attention i was getting from my new chest. But that's another story........

01Dec 2010
Should have edited this 18 months ago. Bas is a nice man but sadly not the match i was hoping for. If anyone wants a caring genuine rubberist who loves life and individuality then Bas is your man.


candy_crisp said...

im guess in the partie is held in Zandaam...and sorry to hear bout u lossing your job

Erika Ridley said...

Yes, the party in question is in Zandaam.