Sunday, May 18

Midnight SIN - A Gothic/Fetish party in Amsterdam

Up until last night the Goth and underground scene in Amsterdam was on the decline with little or no parties to attend apart from League of Extraordinary DJ's, The Korsakoff and Bal du Masque.

Congratulations to the Boudoir Bizarre team for having the guts and determination to put together a Gothic Fetish party in Zaandam, 15 minutes or so from Amsterdam. A pity that we have to travel for such events.

Although the party got off to a slow start it wasn't too long before the place was teaming with Goths, Fetishists and others, all resplendent in the prescribed dress code of black. Great to see many faces old and new from the regular to the mildly curious.

The party was split into three rooms, dance floor, chill out lounge and a dungeon and play rooms up one flight of stairs. There was also a display of paintings by the artist Run_Paint_Run along one side of the dance floor. If you didn't see his paintings you should check out his myspace page

Four DJ's; G-Host, XL11, Distorted Boy and Annakonda kept the dance floor humming to the sound of the kind of music (Gothic, Darkwave, Electro & EBM) that you come to expect from a party of the Gothic genre.

The chill out room had it's own bar was nicely furnished without being too cluttered.

Unfortunately i cannot say too much about the upper level Dungeon and playroom but saw a lot of happy smiling faces so one would presume it lived upto everyone's expectations.

I hope that Midnight Sin becomes a regular underground event and doesn't become a victim of it's own success by becoming too commercial.

In my mind the party scored a 10 but then i'm biased to favouring a quality underground event. If you didn't go then my advice to anyone remotely interested is to miss the next one at your peril.

This is a pic of the outfit i wore to the party. The boots are so sexy but i'm sorry to say that i chickened out to wearing them to the party, favoring my favorite knee high army boots instead.

Darkest regards
aka Ladyanamorphic
"normale leute machen mir angst!"

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