Friday, February 15


This year i'm looking into the possibility of renting a secluded cottage/villa somewhere warmish where a bunch of us Rubberists can meet, socialise, play and film some of our antics. Before i go ahead and book i'd be keen to hear from anyone who is interested in coming along.
Note that this only applies to people with their own rubber wardrobes.

I am also considering taking a trip to the USA later in the year with a view to doing some fetish shoots there. I'm keen on hearing from anyone who maybe interested in helping me out.
I've heard that Arizona is probably the best place to head for in October.


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Anonymous said...

hello dear, I'd love to be a part of this event. I am no longer on yahoo or myspace as electra.
For some realy kinky stuff (x rated) I am on as electralatex or send me an email

all the best, how's the wrist?