Wednesday, October 31

4 Weeks to go

Went to the hospital yesterday for a checkup.
Apparently i broke 2 small bones in my wrist. Now the doc is sending me for a checkup to see if i have osteoperosis. Overkill or what? Well i suppose they have to make their money somehow.

The new cast is fab. But it's got to stay on for 4 more weeks. I don't have to pimp it too much as it's already black. 7 choices of colours including pink & purple. I nearly chose pink but thought better of it. It's solid, can't move a damned thing apart from my fingers. Could be an interesting experience for one lucky lady but will cover it in rubber first. Like i said in a previous post i'm having wicked thoughts.

Rapidly changing the subject, i went shopping the other day with my white cast. Very obvious i had one too. Ever tried shopping with one hand? In ripoff britain you get help in packing your bag with any purchases. Here, well let's just say customer service does not exist. In fact i don't even think they realise that without customers they wouldn't have jobs. Don't think though that it's every shop that's like this as some are ok and i still like living here.

Update on future plans.
Can't go anywhere for next 4 weeks so the shoot on 17/18 Nov is definitely postponed. Shame really as i've been unundated with applications from guys to do some filming with me. Think i'll be busy when the cast comes off. Now looking to January for the next shoot & still looking to hear from any girls (real ones) too.

Thursday, October 25

Filming 17/18 Nov - Postponed

Sorry everyone but it's looking like i'll be cancelling the shoot on 17 & 18 Nov as i broke a bone in my wrist, now in a cast.
I'd take a pic but i'm right handed.
Typing's tough, but as i owe some feedback i'm struggling just for you.

My fingers are crossed that it heals soon and i can make it over before the year is out.

I'm not going to tell you how many suitable guys have applied but lets just say it looks like i'm going to be busy for a while.


Sunday, October 21

Boudoir Bizarre - Amsterdam 20 October

Last weekend we English had high hopes for two spectacular wins in the field of sport, that being Rugby & Motor racing. Alas, we lost them all but as i despise all sport not related to Fetish then it's of zero loss to me. So with all those muscular boys (just imagine if it were a rubber kit) going about their business on Saturday night i went out with a view to having an awesome night out at Boudoir Bizarre here in Amsterdam.

I took my time preparing for the evening ahead, waxed my legs and shaved all other parts excluding my head just so i could slide into my Red Latex Catsuit. Wow, i felt so good, sexy and erm well horny too. My long black heavy rubber corset was chosen to break the colour and to accentuate my feminine curves. I chose a pair of red/black pleaser open toe 4 inch heels too. To complete the look i wore a favorite gothic necklace which works well with all colours except black.

What an awesome feeling it is to walk into a party dressed to kill and as all eyes were on me i let my ass sway as i had a look around. This though is where the problems started and i was plyed with drink. Danced and flirted with the boyz and girls too. Loved every minute of it until something aweful happened.

I was stood by the top stage, chatting away to my friends when someone to my right caught my attention and i tried to step to meet them. Only a wooden block painted in a dark colour stopped my progress and i came tumbling down. At the time i thought little of the pain as my latex clad alcohol induced body reduced the pain in my wrists and my ribs. Yes, i bruised my ribs and very painful they are too. Every sneezed and thought you were going to pass out?

Imagine my dispair as i had such cool plans for later. Form an orderly queue i said then i fell and the dream was over.
Don't worry, i'll recover and i'll be back to partying again soon.

It's my opinion that Boudoir Bizzare (damnit, it's hard doing this with the wrong hand) is losing some of it's sparkle. If anyone has ever been to Club Rub they'll know what i mean by a proper fetish party as opposed to another Wasteland.


Tuesday, October 16

Guy/Man WANTED for filming

On 17 & 18 November i'll be in The Manchester area (UK) doing some filming and i'm in need of ONE (yes i did say one) guy, not necessarily submissive to appear in a short BDSM film we're putting together for my new site.

Payment could well be a free One Year membership of the site.

Interested? Drop me a line and i'll tell you more.

Mistress Erika