Thursday, September 27

Fetish Model/Actress sought

As many of you know I'm in the process of having my website completely revamped with a members area. It's not that i can see myself making loads of money from it. I just want the world to see that not all trannies have narrow pornographic minds.

The project in November (17 & or 18) will take place at a friends house in rural North Derbyshire.
We (myself, webmaster & videophotographer) are looking to do some short, high quality Fetish, BDSM type movies and we need one real girl who has her own wardrobe & is willing to do a little acting, nothing too professional but i can promise a fun time.

As we're not made of money and we're doing it on a weekend i wonder what kind of recompense a model would like to receive?

Looking forward to hearing sensible replies to


Saturday, September 15

Trouble and Latex

I just got back from a very enjoyable vacation in the UK where i met up with Friends & Family. To say time flew by is an understatement but here's a brief synopsis of what i got upto.

Arrived Manchester airport on the 3rd and picked up a hire car and loaded it with my cases packed with lashings of latex, high heels & corsetry. Visited my friends at Daxine Rubber. Unfortunately they don't have a website anymore but if you want to contact them just let me know.
Picked up some latex i pre ordered with them. A red zip fronted Catsuit, Black leggings, Translucent corset, Translucent hood with an opening for my hair to fall out the top. Unfortunately the Purple Mistress dress wasn't ready so i have to wait a few weeks before they can finish it and post it to me here.

The next few days were spent with the family, visiting friends and shopping. Yes i did say shopping. Bought some cotton which although not sexy very necessary for day to day.

Woke up one morning and discovered i had a flat tyre. Low and behold there was a stonking great nail in one of them. Glad i don't own a car anymore. Nothing like my trusty old bike. Just called the AA and they sorted it out. Shot (coz i was running late) upto the Manchester Dungeon for a Double Domme session with Mistress Jadee. Hahahahaha, that was fun. Will do that again.

Next day (7th) arrived at the farm location for filming. Shot 2 x 15 minute promo vids for the site. "Soaps n suds" i enjoyed. Wore my favored 7" heels, Latex green/trans sockings, Blackstyle blue/black top & short skirt. It's interesting how warm water, suds and sun make for an interesting feeling. Add camera & lights and it's all a dream. I'll look forward to seeing the end result when the site's online in December.
Then we did a "Cum Gardening" shoot. Some of which is X-Rated. I must remeber to get this edited as i don't want much of that to be seen. Wore something different in Leather Thigh boots, Leather corset & leather Skirt.

Then it was upto the Manchester Dungeon for a Party. Much mirf and merryment was had by all. Some odd slaves there this time and not the kind i like to dom. But i did meet No.3 who i must say is a real Gentlemen and a nice person too.

That evening Jean and I attended a club near Huddersfield called Nemesis. Met a lovely 3 person Sub dom group who although we did plan on seeing each other again i decided best not as their time was limited and i hate rushing a session, particularly one where so much is demanded.

Once the weekend was over it was time to get prepared for shoot no. 2 and on the 11th i met up with Viv, my photographer and webmaster at a secret location. Thanks Paul for letting us use your place for the house shoot. Here's a few pics that we took.
You can see the rest on my the new site when it's launched in December.


Monday, September 3


This is an improvement on how things have been and am now updating this almost weekly. Trying to be positive and i hope you all appreciate it.

1st of September Judy Ties and myself headed down to Brussels, Belgium for a night out at the Fetish Project party
A big thank you to Mistress Salem for putting us on the guest list. Quite an unusual location as it's held on a boat moored on a Brussels Canal. Met some lovely people and great to see my old friend Carla DeVille there with her girlfriend wearing translucent latex. As everyone who know me as well as they do they'll know that i have a thing for trans latex.
On Sunday we wandered around (is that a boy or is it a girl) Brussels bringing smiles to the faces of the locals. Then it was a high speed dash back to Amsterdam. If anyone has seen the film "Pushing Tin" and remembers the high speed driving they'll know that i was thrilled with Judy's pro (F*****g fast) driving. Ad some Combichrist and Occico & we were high on speed.

By the way, does anyone ever read any of this? Do let me know

More to follow very soon.