Saturday, September 15

Trouble and Latex

I just got back from a very enjoyable vacation in the UK where i met up with Friends & Family. To say time flew by is an understatement but here's a brief synopsis of what i got upto.

Arrived Manchester airport on the 3rd and picked up a hire car and loaded it with my cases packed with lashings of latex, high heels & corsetry. Visited my friends at Daxine Rubber. Unfortunately they don't have a website anymore but if you want to contact them just let me know.
Picked up some latex i pre ordered with them. A red zip fronted Catsuit, Black leggings, Translucent corset, Translucent hood with an opening for my hair to fall out the top. Unfortunately the Purple Mistress dress wasn't ready so i have to wait a few weeks before they can finish it and post it to me here.

The next few days were spent with the family, visiting friends and shopping. Yes i did say shopping. Bought some cotton which although not sexy very necessary for day to day.

Woke up one morning and discovered i had a flat tyre. Low and behold there was a stonking great nail in one of them. Glad i don't own a car anymore. Nothing like my trusty old bike. Just called the AA and they sorted it out. Shot (coz i was running late) upto the Manchester Dungeon for a Double Domme session with Mistress Jadee. Hahahahaha, that was fun. Will do that again.

Next day (7th) arrived at the farm location for filming. Shot 2 x 15 minute promo vids for the site. "Soaps n suds" i enjoyed. Wore my favored 7" heels, Latex green/trans sockings, Blackstyle blue/black top & short skirt. It's interesting how warm water, suds and sun make for an interesting feeling. Add camera & lights and it's all a dream. I'll look forward to seeing the end result when the site's online in December.
Then we did a "Cum Gardening" shoot. Some of which is X-Rated. I must remeber to get this edited as i don't want much of that to be seen. Wore something different in Leather Thigh boots, Leather corset & leather Skirt.

Then it was upto the Manchester Dungeon for a Party. Much mirf and merryment was had by all. Some odd slaves there this time and not the kind i like to dom. But i did meet No.3 who i must say is a real Gentlemen and a nice person too.

That evening Jean and I attended a club near Huddersfield called Nemesis. Met a lovely 3 person Sub dom group who although we did plan on seeing each other again i decided best not as their time was limited and i hate rushing a session, particularly one where so much is demanded.

Once the weekend was over it was time to get prepared for shoot no. 2 and on the 11th i met up with Viv, my photographer and webmaster at a secret location. Thanks Paul for letting us use your place for the house shoot. Here's a few pics that we took.
You can see the rest on my the new site when it's launched in December.


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