Thursday, September 27

Fetish Model/Actress sought

As many of you know I'm in the process of having my website completely revamped with a members area. It's not that i can see myself making loads of money from it. I just want the world to see that not all trannies have narrow pornographic minds.

The project in November (17 & or 18) will take place at a friends house in rural North Derbyshire.
We (myself, webmaster & videophotographer) are looking to do some short, high quality Fetish, BDSM type movies and we need one real girl who has her own wardrobe & is willing to do a little acting, nothing too professional but i can promise a fun time.

As we're not made of money and we're doing it on a weekend i wonder what kind of recompense a model would like to receive?

Looking forward to hearing sensible replies to


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