Monday, September 3


This is an improvement on how things have been and am now updating this almost weekly. Trying to be positive and i hope you all appreciate it.

1st of September Judy Ties and myself headed down to Brussels, Belgium for a night out at the Fetish Project party
A big thank you to Mistress Salem for putting us on the guest list. Quite an unusual location as it's held on a boat moored on a Brussels Canal. Met some lovely people and great to see my old friend Carla DeVille there with her girlfriend wearing translucent latex. As everyone who know me as well as they do they'll know that i have a thing for trans latex.
On Sunday we wandered around (is that a boy or is it a girl) Brussels bringing smiles to the faces of the locals. Then it was a high speed dash back to Amsterdam. If anyone has seen the film "Pushing Tin" and remembers the high speed driving they'll know that i was thrilled with Judy's pro (F*****g fast) driving. Ad some Combichrist and Occico & we were high on speed.

By the way, does anyone ever read any of this? Do let me know

More to follow very soon.


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Anonymous said...

I read them !! lol, but then "I" would.
sorry to hear about your accident.
get well soon.