Tuesday, August 14

Why visit a TG Dom

I've been meaning to start updating my blog again, so here i am with some thoughts for the day.

Haas anyone ever wondered why someone would want to be dominated by a non op TGirl Mistress? There are a great many reasons but here’s the first to get your brain cells working overtime.

There was a time when i had a very pressurised job, on call 24/7/365 and very little time to relax. Every opportunity i had to relax was grasped with both hands so i looked to what some would say extreme methods of relaxation. Yes dear reader i practiced BDSM, on myself. I took myself to new heights of pleasure and allready being the persona i am today found that being a girl to be the best way to do a great many things.
Then i discovered (quite by chance) that i enjoyed inflicting pain in a pleasurable way on others. Because of the gender i was born i knew what made my slaves tick (as most were male) and heypresto i had a whole stable of submissives to abuse.

Want to hear more or would you like to experience it for yourself? If you want to see for yourself there are 2 ways.
1. Make an appointment to see me.
2. Become of a member of my new site launching in October.

Mistress Erika
aka Ladyanamorphic

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