Sunday, April 1

Gothoord - The Best Goth Party in Amsterdam

If anyone actually reads this and my agenda page they would have read that i was planning on going to two parties last night
1. Combichrist concert - Promotional tour of their new album "What the F**K is wrong with you people". Thanks & a big kiss to Judy as she got me a copy of the new album. Some awesome tracks on it. Had me dancing my tits off when i got home this morning. I decided not to go as i've seen them before and much prefer Gothoord as it's a really great party.
2. Gothoord - Held in de kirk van Ruigoord, which is an old church in what appears to be a quaint village. But don't be fooled as it's actually a hippy commune.

A huge thank you to Isobelle for driving us (me, Sasha de Monaco & Sara) to & from the party. We keep offering her to stay over at our houses sometime to suit her so she can have a drink but she never does. Also to Anna the organiser for putting me & Sasha on the guest list.

I always find that this party gets off to a bit of a slow start and only gets going once the band has been on. This time it was a nice German electro band. Ok, so it wasn't a band as there appeared to be only one person & he was singing. There was this guy to the left of the stage. He looked as though he was playing playstation or X-box when he was the one who was actually controlling the music, smoke, lights & sound.

After that the party rocked & Sara was making passes at me, we kissed and cuddled as girls do. Oh and Sara is actually a genetic girl. I was kind of concerned my lippy would merge into my foundation giving that ribena look that we all avoid. Anyway she went off to work behind the Absinthe counter and the next time i saw her she had her tongue right down this (very gorgeous) geezers' mouth. Years ago i would have felt jealous of just such a thing but anyone who knows me will know that i would have done the same thing had the situation arose. Ok, i admit it i did kiss another girl who was dressed in latex, yum yum.

By 3am the music went into overdrive & they played some really great Industrial and i could have sworn i heard my favorite band "Agonoize". Then Pim & Kristal arrived. Pim said that he hardly recognised me as i was wearing my own hair rather than a 3/4 wig. In fact i've not worn a hairpiece since January, yeay!! It feel so much better and i love the way it moves when you dance.

Sasha seemed to have a good night, chatting up loads of goth chicks. What are you like; anyway!! Isobelle as ever was kept pretty busy & i know she always enjoys herself but was very tired so we headed home around 5.30am. But could we find Sara? No!!! she'd disappeared so when i finally got my mobile to work (it switched itself off and wouldn't bring any numbers up for what seemed like an age) i tracked her down to the gorgeous geezers car. Shagging no doubt, good girl. Maybe i'll see her later when she comes to pick her stuff up.

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