Saturday, March 10

NEW WEBSITE is on the drawing board


I'm starting a new website under the auspices of TheManchesterDungeon.
The idea of the site is to provide information how we can have some fun,
have a chat, take part in a modelling shoot, shoot a film session, hold a party
and maybe even have an orgy.

The results of these will then be shown in the members area. Obviously if you
don't want to be seen then we'll blank your face out.
But you know what the best bit will be?
You'll have an opportunity of really getting to know me like you've never had the
opportunity before.

Remember that LADYANAMORPHIC is me in many guises but these are the most prominent
DOMINATRIX to you subbies wanting to be feminized in my special way by using implements of satisfaction,
PLAYMATE to lovers of latex, high heels & tight laced corsets with no holes barred.
MODEL of the clothing you love to view and i adore to wear.
SOCIALITE - I also like to let my hair down once in a while and dance to my favorite music. Genres i love include Industrial, Gothic, Electro & Trance. My preferences for a night out are Fetish & Goth but as my name suggests i am comfortable in most social scenarios.

What are you waiting for?
Come...Submit....Play....View....Adore......Party with me.

Initially i'll be posting sets of me dressed in your favorite attire.
So what's it going to be?
High Heels, Corsetry, Lashings of Latex & tell me.

I've just started a poll on my yahoo group...
....of what your favorite item is.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

aka Ladyanmorphic

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