Monday, February 27

Site Update

I just updated my Agenda & Links site.

I'll be at all the events (subject to transport) in March so if you see me do say hello.

Also planning dates ahead - Fetish Evolution, German Rubber Ball weekend, Thames cruise with roses, Rubber Camp and so on. If anyone reading this is going to be there then be sure to let me know so we can meet up.


Sunday, February 26


It seems ages since i updated my blog with what i've been upto.

Well i have been off the scene for a while because my lung collapsed and spent 3 days in hospital and really didn't feel like partying. But now i'm back and getting back to full strength.

So what have i been upto i hear you ask. Well last Saturday (Feb 18th) Della Doe ( and i headed out to a local party. In fact it was a really cool queer disco just 10 seconds walk from my house. We had a really fab night dancing & flirting, not only with each other but also with the cute boyz. Had i been upto it i could have taken a few home with me. Alas i didn't. Oh well i can but dream.

For some weird reason i seem to get a lot of attention from Gay guyz as opposed to real girls who just look down their noses at me. It hurts you know. I know that i give the impression that i'm aloof & that i'm untouchable but really i'm just insecure & in need of someone (you'd have to be very special) to bring me out of my shell.

Feb 24 saw me reach the ripe old age of 43. Sorry but i can't lie about my age. But having said that i actually still feel 29 but certainly didn't feel so over the last few weeks. I spent my birthday at Della's place with her 2 friends Yazzamin (photographer) and Maaike (Make up artist) and did a photo shoot the results of which i hope to see pretty soon. A big thank you to them all for making the day so memorable.

Last night (25th Feb) the terrible trio and best friends (Sasha, Alex & Isabelle) came round and dumped their stuff before we jumped in a taxi bound for the city centre & for what is always a very nice trouble free party.

The night was Epicentre ( and was held at Studio 80 on Rembrandtplein (too many tourists for my liking) and we jumped out of the taxi and sashayed over the square past the thronging crowds to the noise of Beinhaus (a German band) a very strange band playing (their first gig in Amsterdam for 4 years) literally noise. They finally got into the swing of the gig and played some really off the wall stuff, of which some of it wasn't too bad.

Next up was an Industrial band from Lille in France called Obszon Geschopf. At first i thought oh my gawd what have we here. Flying beer, liquid & cans. Isabelle got soaked by a crushed beer can c/o one of the band which put her in a terrible mood and we very nearly left the party then & there. Fortunately she chilled out with the help of Lil (really nice friendly girl who i met some time ago) and we stayed pretty much until the end. Anyway back to the band. Although i've not got into Industrial type music before i did last night night and was soon dancing my titts off with the rest of them.

Post bands the music up'd a gear into a multitude of what i can only term as Gothic Hard House with a lot of drum n'bass. Forgive me if i'm wrong except to say that i loved it. But couldn't work out the looks i got from the other party goers. Did i have BO or something? Or is it that keep away look & i'm gonna bite you stance that puts people off coming near? I know that the Dutch are very hard people to get to know and it takes an age to get them into your confidence, but that's another story and best left for another time.

The highlight of my night was when Piet (he knows who is) came up and put his arm around me. I could have melted (so many lustful thoughts) but he had to go and say good bye to some of his many friends, i was gutted. I'm so looking forward to seeing him again. Maybe we'll go to On The Edge ( on March 25th.

Anyway that's it, another weekend drawing to a close and it's back to work tomorrow and until next time Erika Ridley signing off.