Monday, April 17

Early start to the weekend

The weekend started early with Dinner at my place with 2 (GG) friends coming round for dinner. They were late, something about heavy traffic coz of the rain. Nevertheless we made the best of it and had a great night first at Transgender queer night called Uischot a Cafe Sappho followed by an afterparty at The Winston Hotel playing Electrorated music which i have to say was pretty awfull.

Saturday was the night i'd been waiting for as i couldn't make it to the last party due to situations out of my control.
As ever the party was held in what may have been an old building but the club is now called Goliath. I wonder what it was used for in the past?

The dresscode for this party is the same as ever, but you just have to use your own interpretation and let your imagination run wild as the possibilities are endless. Nevertheless it is important to note that the vast majority of people were in costumes of era's gone, Edwardian and Victorian being most prevalent except the beauty of it all was that everyone was masked. I admit that my mask was pretty crap but that's because i spent the previous week making the bustle i wore. See the pics in the Gallery.

I was captivated by the music of Courtesan who made an all too brief appearance on stage. Ok so much of the lyrics were in Dutch nevertheless the use of background imagry, costume, Voices and musical instruments made the experience quite unforgettable. I'll see if i can find a CD of their music.

Great seeing everyone again, Medusa (of course), Sasha, Isabelle, Allen, Annaconda, Piet, Valerio and some others who names i forget. Had an interesting chat with Petra of who had a stall selling masks. All of which she makes herself; a very talented girl. A big hello to her tireless mum who was there too.

Medusa reckoned that there were less people here than normal (probably because of Easter) but in my mind the numbers were just right as the last thing you need is to keep bumping into people. Apologies to the girl who's toes i stepped on in my New Rock's, gawd that must've hurt, let me massage it better.

Anyway the pics from the party are now in the Gallery so go take a peek and see if you're there. Let me know if you want any pics and i'll send you the originals.

Next weekend it's Guily as Sin.

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