Sunday, March 19

Redshift & more

At long last i managed to get a full weekend off work and although i had lots planned i wasn't sure just how great it was going to be.

Saturday i went to the MAC shop to get some more translucent powder. The shop assistant was English and we clicked right away. Naturally she wanted to make some commission on sales so the gist of the transaction got around to foundation and before i knew it i was sat down discussing skin tones and what shade would suit me. What a weird feeling though, having a makeover in a shop. But i did get some nice new makeup and wondered how i would look later that night.

After trawling the shops for a couple more hours i needed some more money. Why is that when you're in a hurry every cashpoint has run out of funds. Finally after a relentless search my mission was accomplished and got the necessary funds to pay the cleaner & for the night ahead.

We were told that we we had to be at Annaconda's place by 8pm so i picked Sasha up enroute and we arrived there in plenty of time for the journey to The Hague. My first impression of the club was my god it's so small. That didn't matter too much when the DJ's (Krat, DistortedBoy and the ever so super Annaconda) started their various sets. Although the crowd were pretty slow in getting into the mood of the music it wasn't long before the club was buzzing with sounds of the underground which had everyone jigging & jiving in their own personal way.
Annaconda we want more!!!
I often find it very easy to critique a party but for once there were only 2 things that were missing; decoration & visual projections.
The party finished at 5am & we began our trek back to Amsterdam. Remember to go to the loo before leaving!!! Yeah, right. Therefore an emergency pitstop was required to defuel. If i'm ever at a loss of what to do i'll write a book on Toilet Grafitti.
A part of me wished i had gone to the afterparty whereas the other part of me just zonked out at 7am. Alex stayed over to sleep in my rubber sheets. Shame she couldn't sleep, must have been something she took. When will she learn not to use every weekend.

Sunday was just a blur but at least i didn't have to do anything important. So i just chilled out and had a lovely soak in the bath.

Talking of Visuals i'm about to start a project with a friend of mine from Zwolle where we're going to make our own movies. Probably something alomg the lines of
However, what i plan on doing is to mix the finished product into a VJ set for use in clubs. It's going to take time to put it all together but could do with knowing what software & hardware i need for making, mixing & projecting such images.

Heads it's Wasteland. Tails it's On the Edge.

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