Tuesday, March 28

Heads & Tails

What a cool weekend that's just gone.

Made a date to meet a cute guy at On The Edge here in Amsterdam. It's amazing how all these gay boyz bring out the fem bitch in me. To say i flirted with everyone i spoke to & danced with must surely be the biggest understatement of my life.
Not only did i look HOT but i felt like a million dollars in a latex/cotton mix & New Rocks. Damn it, must get myself a small digi cam at least i can show you just how great the party was. Did i pull i hear you ask,HAHAHA, you think i'm gonna tell everyone on LJ.
Congrats to DJ MissWendy & DJRJ for playing an awesome mix of 80's/90's anthems. Had only a few drinks yet it went straight to my head but then again it could have been the champagne that was thrust into my greedy paws on arrival.
Super to see some pretty girlz there too. Sure hope to see them all again soon.

After receiving a text from an aquaintance from London i headed off at around 2am for Wasteland where i had my name on the guest list. Damn it wish i'd stayed at On The Edge. Although it was great to finally meet up with Sylvia (of Bondinage.com) & her very cute girlfriend i wasn't that impressed with (Get Wasted at) Wasteland, again. It's just a sex & dance party. Why do straight boys have this desire to be blown off by a TGirl? As much as i'm flattered by the compliment i just do not do casual sex, regardless of gender.
One day someones gonna fall down the stairs to the upper level and break a leg or something more serious. When will Wasteland learn to make an appealing dungeon for the players out there. Don't just stick it in a corner & hope for the best. Funny thing is that the place was packed with people from out of town, mainly the UK & Germany.

By 0530 i'd had enough and headed home.
Great to hear that everyone else who went out that weekend also had a good time.

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