Thursday, March 16

Amora 10March and other ramblings

I normally party on a Saturday night but had to make an exception last Friday when Sasha, Isabelle & i headed down to Utrecht for the 1st Amora party at the new location.

After much driving around Utrecht we finally found the parking garage & disposed of the car in a safe location right by the exit door. The flyer said that the club was only 50 metres or so from the exit door. The question on our lips was "Have we found the right door?" Sure had, in fact no sooner had we walked onto the street than my eagle eyes spotted Alan & Anaconda sliding right past us & into the club. Unknown to us at the time we were followed (probably stalked) in by Alex (a cool cute FtoM TG type & great friend) and Renée (her good buddy). Great minds think alike or fools seldom differ.

Being the reserved type it can often take me time to relax & get into the mood of a party but my friends helped me realx into the party very well. Was also great to exchange a few words with Annaconda with whom i've never really had too much to say to in the past. I now realise that i should try & be a bit more outgoing and talk to her as she seems to be a very inteligent person and with whom i am sure a great conversation can be had.
Then again i should also make an effort to talk to complete strangers too. Piet was there too. Now he is very nice and i'm looking forward to getting to know him as the great friend he is turning into. He's Intelligent as well. So come on Piet lets dance, chill and have a laugh.

I heard that Medussa was there too but got so lost in the music and the vibe (maybe it was something i took) that i didn't say hello. Damn it, why didn't i just shimmy over. Now she's one cool intelligent chick with a great attitude and knowledge of the scene. I trashed the idea of going to Essen on April 15 for the Fetish Universe party as it's the 6th installment of the great Bal du Masque parties that night here in Amsterdam. Just hope that the barman i met last time isn't there as i know he's going to want to get personal with me but i really cannot face the idea of body fluid exchange. The fire in me needs lighting but that sort of thing just doesn't do it right now.

So back to the party and what a great bunch of people were there of all ages. There can't be many events on the social calender that is so accepting and non judgemental of people like me and i consider myself very lucky to be allowed by the Goths of this great country to party with them.

So night tripped into the early hours and DJ after Dj - Krat, Distorted Boy And Dorius kept us on our feet stomping our feet and wiggling our bodies to the super tunes of an Amora night. Vanilla tourist types (ok so they were club regulars) hogged the VJ experience as provided by V-Tox a very attractive girl in a snake skin & leather corset. I wonder if there are any TG VJ's around? Would love to learn if only for the experience.

Anyway a big thank you to the organisers who i know by site but not by name but here's hoping i can add them to my party friends posse soon.

5am saw us winging our way back to Amsterdam care of the ever so daring Isabelle who keeps surprising us with her daring exploits when we're not around.

Not goodbye, more au revoir!!!

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