Tuesday, December 6

My Bitch on Latex Shops & Websites

Upon perusing many of the top Latex shops online it really gets me how few shops show that they cater for the larger sized and longer bodies of many of us in the Transgender community.
In fact the only one that has sort of tapped into this market is Cocoon in the uk

They have a tranny section featuring some outfits but not a great deal.

When will manufacturers realise that what we want off the peg items and not always made to measure as that can cost a fortune.

You could try a duplicate shot of some of the more popular items and take it from there.

Whilst i cannot be everywhere i am available for any modelling that the stores may wish for. But then again why use me when there a great many other girls on & off the scene who would portray your products in an equally positive way.

I would welcome any feedback that anyone may have.


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