Wednesday, December 7

Many updates

So much has happened recently i just do not know where to start.

The new website is in the process of being constructed. The main feature of the new site will be that everyone will be able to view it regardless of browser used.
As everyone keeps asking for more & more pics and content i taking part in lots of new projects and photo shoots and will have a whole new section for my fans to see what sort of outrageous things i get upto when i'm not sat here answering questions and arranging dates etc. Yes dear reader you got it, there will be a MEMBERS area.
Did i hear someone say that they would pay?
In fact many admirers & fans have said that they will pay for access to the MEMBERS area, so much so that i am gearing up for that and a nominal charge to cover my hosting costs.
Updates will be done once a month but i am sure that there will be enough online to keep you all busy.

Parties attended recently include
The Skin Two Rubber Ball
Disco Hospital
and last weekend the last Epicentre (Gothic party) at the CoC here in Amsterdam.

If i get time i'll write a review all about the Gothic Scene here in Amsterdam.

Party plans for the future include a trip to London for a photo shoot for the Fetish Last Supper.

On the 17th i'll be at Club Rub

If you see me please come & say hello.

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