Tuesday, December 20

Cool People

Having just returned from a fab weekend in London i thought it sensible to log what happened

The first shoot planned for the 17th had to be cancelled at the 11th hour. Normally i'd be prtty pissed at this but she had a good reason. She (Tanya) had the flu. Hey ho, shit happens. But then again had it not been cancelled i wouldn't have met the nice people at Fettered Pleasures who are interested in using me in some future projects. Nor would i have made it to Camden Town where i bought a really cool pair of Rock Bitch trousers which will be perfect for clubbing.

Saturday night i headed for my very first Club Rub.
Many congrats to Kim for organising such a fantastic party, venue superb, very friendly attitude free sincere people, great music and a lot of fun.
Suprised is an understatement when my dear friend Bella Jay (who runs http://www.repartee.co.uk) tapped me on the shoulder and said hello. Nice one!!!!
Great to finally meet Dane, who i've admired from my early days for her style and fantistic clothing range. See her fab clothing range at http://www.dane.tv
Also great meeting Sasha. A very attractive TV from London. Shame she had to rush off to Stunners as i would have liked to have chatted a little more.
Also Bella Jay's dear friends. God i'm so bad with names. Everyone else seems to remember me. I think i'll make this my new years resolution to put a face to a name and vice versa. Hope i get to meet them all again soon as they were a lot of fun. If Tina is reading this then do get in touch and lets plan a reunion.
I also met a really cool couple. Yes you got, forget their names too, except her name means beautiful flower and oh yes it's true. She's a real babe. Here's hoping they get in touch and visit Amsterdam in the New Year.
I finally got to bed at at 0530 only to woken up by the maid at 1100. Could have done with a lttle more shut eye.

Sunday was the reason for coming over to London. The Fetish Last Supper shoot. http://www.image-machine.com/content/last_supper/update1.htm

It took most of the afternoon but was really great fun. To all those who have knocked the idea well the result will be so much better than some of the other so called attempts. Can't wait for March so we can see the results.
A big hello to
Kerosene Deluxe


Missie Hissie

Marcus Scarr

Divine G

Danny Lycra
Divine - A really great professional photographer
Urban Photography whose studio we used. Hello Jonathan.
You were all fantastic company and i hope to work with you all again one day soon.
Good luck to all those going to the 2nd shoot in February.

Monday i visited my friends at Liberation. http://www.liberationlondon.com

Hope to see you all again soon.

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