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Party Review - Wasteland 5th November 2005

Party - Wasteland
Genre - Fetish
Date-5th November 2005
Location-The Powerzone, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Anamorphic Rating-6, but my friend tells me it should be 4.

Wasteland is billed as "Europes biggest fetish fantasy event!"

Many of my friends often say that they don't go to Wasteland (or The Clinic for that matter) because it is a swingers dance fetish party. Although all are welcome, whatever your gender or dress style i did feel slightly intimidated by the hedonistic behaviour of many of the party (German males in particular) goers. Don't get me wrong, i'm not a prude. But please do show us some respect. If i want a shag or a grope i'll make it very clear.

As ever i often wonder whether the Door bitches take bribes to let people in. Shock horror!!! But i saw people in Black jeans and T-Shirts. Since when has cotton been a fetish? No they weren't working there.

Dance areas. One massive arena, dance floor with podiums all over the place and one stage. The podiums were very badly utilised. One had massage tables where you could have 'a massage'. I'll leave you to work out the point of that. The rest were not used at all. Although the acts on the main stage took place every 20 minutes or so there was actually very little of interest to me or any of my friends. Great to see Lucifire again. Shame the spelling on the flyer was wrong.

Upstairs there was a curtained off area which i presumed was a dark room. Indeed it was!!! Not only that it was also a dungeon. I counted 3 (or was it 4) items of furniture. Ha!!! What a joke. Dungeon indeed.

Next to this area was another dance area. It started off really well playing a mutitude of disco stuff. Took me back to my school days. Full of sixties kids. I am one & so i felt right at home here, for a while that is. By 3am you couldn't tell this room apart from the other as the music was very similar, although slightly cheesy.

Although the chill out zone was relatively small they did a good job with waterbeds as sofas. Alas there wasn't any chance of a chill here as the beds were being used as 'beds', but no one was asleep!!!

Where did my entry fee go???
Whilst i realise that Wasteland is very popular as the place was packed and everyone was enjoying themselves i really cannot understand how they can dare to advertise the event as "Europes biggest fetish fantasy event!" because it just aint a patch on Torture Garden in London. London is in Europe? Isn't it??

So come on Wasteland, if i'm ever going to go again i want to see more (interesting) acts. Better utilisation of space and podiums. A proper darkroom, a real dungeon with resident masters & mistresses. A floor plan & a timetable of events would also help people plan their evening. I'm not giving advice, just common sense!!!

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