Sunday, November 6

An introduction to Lady Anamorphic

Hello and welcome to my Diary.

By now you will have perused the website and undoubtably downloaded all of my pictures to your Hard drive. Did you actually think that maybe you should have asked before doing so? Of course you didn't. In time you will pay for the privilege. But more of that in good time.

The object of my website to is chronical my life from the time i came out as a TGirl to the many things that i have done in years gone by to present day and of my continuing exploits, liaisons and dirty doings.

For a long time i have had a fascination of what can be achieved by manipulating ones body to that of shape and structure, hence yoga and meditation which is slowly changing my self being into a much calmer person than the one i knew before.

Although i have a healthy social and work life i am looking; no; i am searching for like minded people such as myself to act out some of the many fantasies that are prevalent in all of us. Whether it be spending all day encased in latex sunbathing by a pool in the Algarve to running naked through the woods (in latex of course) chased by a gang of water laden dykes wearing strap on's that are just too big that they keep tripping up. Faster pussy cat, go go go!!!

By the way i am indeed real so please treat me so.


Alison said...

Hmm . . . 2nd try -
Nice site.
I'd love to play in your fanasy world. Even better would be in person.
I am too far to make it a reality - easily. I am in Arizona.
I am a post-op TS who loves latex and BDSM/kink/fetish. I am mostly a Domme.

Alison said...

Geeze Erika This looks like the same crownd I get on my yahoo groups. they come, look at the pix, wank, and never contribute anything of themselves. I hope membership will improve things for you.
Now. . . when are you going to be in AZ? And . . . outside of this public space I want to chat with you about transitions.