Monday, March 18

Dutch Fetish Parties 2013

Following on from a previous post i thought it high time i let you know what Fetish Parties are currently being organized in The Netherlands for 2013. I've only listed parties that closely resemble that of a Fetish Party.
If i've missed any please let me know. erika[at]
March 2013
23rd - Unleashed
EUR15.00 to EUR20.00 (on the door)
Venue - Club Church, Amsterdam
Time 2200 to 0500
Following a relatively succesful launch on a Sunday afternoon they finally got a Saturday night slot at a Gay venue in the heart of Amsterdam. Don't let the Gay venue fool you though as this is sure to be a regular quality party for all genders.
23rd - Toxic
Tilburg (2 hours from Amsterdam)
EUR27.50 to EUR37.50
Time Unclear but would say 2200 to 0600
Venue - The Gallery, Heuvelring 37, Tilburg 5038 CJ
A lovely website with a quality flyer. If Amsterdam’s too far on the 27th then this is the next best option. Has quite a good reputation as it's been going for a couple of years.
31st - Fetish Evolution Ball
Essen (3 hours from Amsterdam)
EUR49.00 to EUR59.00
Time 2200 to late
Venue - MudiaArt, Frohnhauser Stra├če 75, Essen, NW 45143, Germany
Ok, so it's not Dutch but thought i'd add it as Essen is very close to Holland. Celebrating it's 10th Birthday this the Fetish Evolution Weekend 29th March to 2nd April with such events as The Main Ball, Fashion Art Expo, Art Bizarre, Nuit Bizarre Dinner, Nuit Bizarre Party and Fetish Brunch. Guess what, i've still NOT been to this event and not even sure i can afford to go to this one either.

April 2013
Hemkade (20 mins from Amsterdam)
Time 2200 to 0600
Venue - North Sea Venue, Hemkade 48, Zaandam 1506 PS
Three dance floors, Six stages, Smoking area, Restaurant, Lounge, Relax area, First aid, Fully equipped dungeon and so on.
Europe's biggest fetish-fantasy event welcomes you and more than 3000 fetishists from all over the world to the 'Wildest party on planet'. An outrageous night of fetish extravaganza packed with the kind entertainment you will rarely see at other parties.

May 2013
4th - Slaves for Passion
Den Haag
EUR30.00 to EUR35.00
Venue - Club Seven, Prinsengracht 14, Den Haag
Time 2200 to late
If you love dancing whilst dressed in your favorite Fetish outfit then this party is definite must. Held in a beautiful setting in a Monumental Building, located around the corner from the Catacombs. CLUB SEVEN has several areas, two wardrobes and a unique sound system. Dance your tits off to the beats of DJs Albert, Ko-c, Tony Da Groove and CyRonn

June 2013
8th - The CLINIC
Westzaan (20 mins from Amsterdam)
EUR37.50 to EUR45.00
Venue - Lexion, Overtoom 65, 1551 PE WESTZAAN
Time 2200 to 0600
Famous for being one of the best Kinkiest and Fetish Party’s in Europe. Attended by beautiful, well dressed Fetishists, free of mind, varied by age, and sexual orientation. They come from all over the world, with one goal in mind, to experience the ultimate fetish night out. Very much an all round Fetish Party with tope class DJ's and well equiped Dungeons where you may play out a fantasy or two.

July 2013

August 2013

September 2013
COST To be advised
Time 2100 to late
Venue - New Location in the heart of Amsterdam
Following on from the very successful re launch of Europerve Resurrection the organizers as in the wonderful Louva & Anton Koot of Demask confirm the 2nd coming of this Annual event, once again to be held in the City Centre of Amsterdam. Watch this space for future updates.

October 2013
5th - B.I.T.C.H.
Hemkade (20 mins from Amsterdam)
EUR36.75 to EUR48.00
Time 2100 to 0600
Venue - North Sea Venue, Hemkade 48, Zaandam 1506 PS
A very successful Fetish Party but hear good stories about it. Amazingly, i've not been to this one yet.


November 2013

December 2013

The following are regular Fetish parties held in The Netherlands and not listed above
Regular themed parties held here include the following
BDSM Pure, White Chocolate Party, Let us be BI, T&T Night (For Trannies), Fetish Zone, FF party, House of Hornyness, Medical Party, Kinky Swing, Happy Hooker, Erotic Chill out.
Regular parties held here include the following
Gangbang, Super mega Gangbang, Erotic Bi Gay Travo Party (For Trannies), Swingers Fantasyland.
The showboat also plays host to Mistress Manita's SM Play party every 2nd Friday of every month.
Lady Ana SheMale Pin Up Model

Thursday, March 7

Lace Up ThighBoots - 6 inch Heels

Everyone who knows me is aware of my favorite colours and which ones work well together.
I so love mixing Purple with black, so apart from a pair of black knickers here i am also wearing a pair of really sexy lace up thigh boots.
Naturally my heels are high but what i think you will really like is the shape of my body and the way my ass sticks out as the feminine form you know i have.
You can see the rest of this set and over 1000 more and video in my Member zone for a monthly subscription.

Lady Ana SheMale Pin Up Model

Tuesday, March 5

Blonde moments - the missing updates

They say that Blondes are sometimes a little thick. Not so as as i'm not blonde yet for the last few months i've been merrily publishing updates to the member zone  except forgetting to put the menu links in place so you can view them. Anyway i solved the blonde moments and have now published the missing 3 updates on the site for you the members to view. Hope you enjoy them as these are the ones you won't have seen.
Update 41 - Rubber Cat

Update 42 - Pretty in Pink

Update 43 - Red Tigress

Lady Ana SheMale Pin Up Model

Monday, January 7

Seamed Stockings and Fetish Stiletto Boots

The first ones are always the best. Admit i had to fast forward to see her standing in them....alas it was not to be. Come on Tony when will you get a model who will do that?

Lady Ana SheMale Pin Up Model

Sunday, January 6

Wasteland TRAILER 21-04-2012

I have to tell you that this party is better than it seems. What you see here is a tip of the iceberg of what else is going on.

If you like your fetish and wish to be with like minded folk this is probably the best party to get lost in. It's "Huge".

Just wish they would add an Industrial area with music to match. That would be a blast.

Sunday, October 7

Luscious in Latex with Ultra High Heels - Update 33 - 07 October 2012

Luscious in Latex with Ultra High Heels 
07 October 2012

Discovered hidden away on an old laptop i found these 
photos a few weeks ago and thought it high time you lot got to see them.

Back in 2004 i took trip to Brussels to meet up with a Rubberist friend 
who when i said can we shoot some pics outside he agreed.

What can i say about this dress except that i love it. Looks great on my 
body don't you think. The latex stockings came from Simon O in Vienna. 
I have a nasty habit of wearing them too much and so eventually they break.

As for the high heels well these are one of my favorites. They're Ultra 
High Heels with a 7 inch high heel. Great to look at, wear and of course
walk in.

You can see the rest of this set and over a 1000 more and video in my 
Member zone for a monthly subscription.

Thursday, April 19


Finally after many years of planning i am happy to announce the OFFICIAL launch of my MEMBERS ZONE.

Inside you will find 16 Galleries containing some of my most precious photographs. This is just the tip of the Iceberg as i have another 2000 to feed into the site in the months ahead. 

Additionally i also have approximately 15 hours of Video which i am in the process of editing and will upload these at a rate of at least one every 4 weeks.
I also have a number of shoots planned this year including a few Fetish trips we plan on documenting.
All of the photos can be viewed on the site and have given you the option to download every gallery as a zip file. 

Also within the MEMBERS area is a CONTACT tab where you may write to me directly without having to agree to any email terms.
CCBill is the designated E-Ticket Payment gateway for
We accept all major CREDIT CARDS / JCB / DISCOVER / MAESTRO as well BANK Transfer within the EU. 
For my United States based fans i have also given you the option of TELEPHONE billing.
I've kept my prices low to start with. 

Saturday, April 14

Clipshaker - Porn Video Organizer & Player.

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